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Why cuteVista ERP ?

cuteVista is not just another run-of-the-mill softwares that are found aplenty. cuteVista has been developed after a comprehensive and a careful study of the FMS industry over many years. Every task, operation and sub task has been carefully analysed and evaluated with a profound degree of experimentation and thoroughly researched. Based on this research the finest piece of software architecture that can be heavily customised, user friendly, and bug free has been created. The solution is comprehensive and broken up into suitable components which can be independently acquired based on the scale of operations of the FMS provider.

The design of cuteVista ERP solution ensures multiple cost savings to the user as it can assure excellent control of the entire operations and offer ideal accountability at the most minute levels. These controls in a short while effectively progress into minimizing costs and enhance productivity in a large scale for the business. This truly cushions the initial cost of investment and makes it a very effective and wise investment solution for FMS corporates.

cuteVista is a top line ERP application.

cuteVista has complete, comprehensive clientele and functionality.

cuteVista has the other modules like sales and marketing, inventory management and reporting abilities.

cuteVista is the first and most comprehensive application exclusively developed for Facility Management Industry covering all the above modules integrating seamlessly.

cuteVista is built completely on the web based architecture.