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Salient Features

Software customization: Company to company customization make feasible to automate the company operational policies accurately.

Linking cuteVista and Tally: Data flow from cuteVista to tally flexible integration of all operational and accounting needs of the organization.

Marketing management: FMS specific clientele quotation properly automated in cuteVista.

Clientele management: Each clientele location stipulated as a site/unit which is the central point in FMS industry is properly considered it also contains clientele contracts, unit wise central/state labour licenses and their expiry date alerts.

Employee profile: Both reimbursed and non-reimbursed employees deployment at clientele location is maintained properly.

Employee deployment: Information of reimbursed employees deployment at clientele locations is maintained properly.

Employee salary rate: maintain each clientele location salary rate and designation grade wise suits to the requirement of FMS industry.

Parallel deployment: A facility to maintain information of a reimbursed employee working parallel in 2 clientele locations in 2 successive shifts.

Unit wise payroll break-up: Unit wise, designation grade wise salary break-up is maintained as per the needs of FMS industry.

Attendance: Each employees unit wise and shift wise attendance is maintained along with designation. There-exists provision for both duty based and/or hourly based attendance.

Leave: Customized leave types and leave policies suits the requirement of FMS industry.

Loan management: General loan types like salary advance, personal loan, etc., and incident loans like uniform loan, police verification fee, ATM card fee, canteen deduction, etc., are customized. We can add any loan types.

Loans linked with payroll: There-exists flexible automation process to dect loan installment against each customized loan type.

Automated payroll generation: Complete automation of payroll process is possible without manual interaction.

Invoivce break-up: Unit wise invoice break-up exclusively designed for FMS industry.

Attendance linked with invoice: Attendance is considered as a sales quantity in FMS industry, there-exists a link between attendance and invoice.

Material invoice delivery: Procedure of linking of unit wise house-keeping material issue to invoice is implemented which is an exclusive case if a house keeping organization called as material invoice. Material and machinery invoice is properly automated for FMS industry.

Inventory management: An exclusive inventory management system is properly designed for FMS industry. All requirements of house-keeping like industries are properly considered.

Invoice generation: Complete automation of invoice generation is possible due to 2 valuable features like unit wise invoice break-up and attendance linked with invoice.

Cheque break-up automation: Complete automation collection break-up of cheque is possible.

Optional facilitation of PF & ESI: More flexible options fo facilitate PF & ESI. Both employee wise and unit wise.

PF & ESI: Standard and enhanced PF, ESI reports exists and customization always possible.

Authentication: More authenticated features like IP address, MAC address, Login ID, password etc.,

Authorization: Various authorizations like roles, operational levels, page access rights, department wise authorities etc... makes flexible applications of authorizations levels.

TDS calculations: Comprehensive TDS calculations for both company TDS and individual TDS are designed to facilitate all different cases of TDS calculations an extreme case of TDS calculations for variable salaries also considered.

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