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CuteVista ERP Modules

INVOICE: Complete automation of invoice generation is possible due to 2 valuable features like unit wise invoice break-up and attendance linked with invoice. Unit wise invoice break-up exclusively designed for FMS industry.

INVENTORY: An exclusive inventory management system is properly designed for FMS industry. All requirements of house-keeping like industries are properly considered. Procedure of linking of unit wise material issue to invoice is implemented which is an exclusive case if a house keeping organization called as material invoice, material & machinery invoice is properly automated for FMS industry.

PAYROLL: Unit wise, Designation grade wise salary break-up is maintained as per the needs of FMS industry.

ACCOUNTS: Bank transaction issues and PF, ESI Statutory related issues.

MARKETING: Quotation master maintenance.
Proposed clients maintenance.
Quotation revision maintenance.
Approved and pending clients maintenance.

CLIENT: Each clientele location stipulated as a site/unit which is the central point in FMS industry is properly considered it also contains clientele contracts, unit wise central/state labour licenses and their expiry date alerts.

CUSTOMERCARE: Complaint category maintenance.
Case sheet details transactions.
Unit wise deliverables master maintenance.

HR: Recruitment and deployment of the employee. Both reimbursed and non-reimbursed employees deployment at clientele location is maintained properly.

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